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Liz Vicious
Liz Vicious
Birthday:October 31, 1987
Astrological Sign:Scorpio
Birth location:Miami Beach, Florida
Years Active:2007
Height:5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight:99 lbs (45 kg)
Eye color:Greenish ice blue or turquoise
Hair color:Redhead
Tattoos:Wings on left hip; Heart and Cross below navel
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Started around 20 years old

Ambitions: To make me and everyone around me happy. to have everything i have ever wanted or will want. Do anything it takes to live and leave a beautiful, erotic, adventurous, fulfilling story behind.

Turn Ons: It’s all about attitude and their mind. i do care if they’re taller than me..pale skin..deep eyes, because they are a doorway to the soul and a whole new and strange world...dark hair...dark sophisticated yet playful and daring clothing...i should just say old worldly man...someone that talks and acts like a man that has lived through the old soul is something very valuable to me...i treasure these kinds of people....i love a man/s hand...i like hard worked yet slender skillful hands...oh my god it turns me on so much...i love strong defined shoulders...a slender yet thick back corded with muscles...strong legs that can clear miles in a heartbeat...and their faces are very important to me as well...of course you know about the eyes..they have to have sensual lips that when a woman looks at them their thighs tremble in anticipation, a strong jaw, a stern yet smooth shaped patrician nose...and of course thick gorgeous hair!!!

Turn Offs: Stupid people...not mentally handicapped people but fucking stupid mother fuckers...

Every girl needs: Someone to listen to her and have fun with her. someone laid back that can have a childlike manor at times...someone to bring her coffee when she wakes up and lets her sleep in reeeeeal late. lol....and other stuff...

Favortie Food: Dark chocolate ice cream with nuts...I said! Redbull...which is a food item, I fries and ranch dressing

Favorite Quote: Crawl from the well..walk through the mirror...dip in the iris..and paint with the tears. -Tragedy

5 movies fav movies: Kill Me Later, A Serpents Kiss, Beetle Juice, City Of The Lost Children, Amelie, Type O Negatives After Dark, FIFTH ELEMENT!!!!! i LOVE that movie!!!

An actress I admire: I think Angelina Jolie is hot but i don’t admire an actress...i admire Christine Feehan...she is a wonderful writer and brings joy and inspiration to not only my life but many others.I really respect and admire Peter Steele from Type O Negative because of his playgirl magazine shoot. It inspired and calmed me.

Best TV Shows: Aaaaah Real Monsters, Beetle Juice, Rocko’s Modern Life, 3rd Rock From The Son, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Futurama...

3 must have items: Make-up, wallet, smokes

Favorite sports: Volleyball, pool, chess

Dream car: 1935 Plymouth Cruiser all black no leather ...i hate leather seats...they bug me and burn my ass in the summer

Favorite color: Black, green, red...sorry more than one!

Favorite position: Bent over a pillow or the arm of a chair from behind with a fist full of my hair

Strangest sex place: Movie Theatre


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