Little Orphan Dusty

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Little Orphan Dusty
Little Orphan Dusty
Director:Bob Chinn & Jourdan Alexander
Studio:Caballero Home Video
Runtime:85 min
Series:Little Orphan Dusty
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Followed by: Little Orphan Dusty 2.

Plot Summary

Little Orphan Dusty: ADULT XXX EROTICA!John Holmes saves Dusty from a psychotic biker gang and falls in love. This version is uncut and rated XXX!


Non-Sex performers:


  1. Scene 1. Rhonda Jo Petty, Rick Lutze, Turk Lyon
  2. Scene 2. Ming Jade, Rhonda Jo Petty
  3. Scene 3. Rhonda Jo Petty, John Holmes
  4. Scene 4. April Grant, Valerie Parker, John Holmes
  5. Scene 5. Rhonda Jo Petty
  6. Scene 6. April Grant, Mike Ranger
  7. Scene 7. Valerie Parker, John Holmes
  8. Scene 8. Rhonda Jo Petty, Turk Lyon
  9. Scene 9. Rhonda Jo Petty, John Holmes
  10. Scene 10. Jo Boyce, Jakie Boyc
  11. Scene 11. Rhonda Jo Petty, John Holmes
  12. Scene 12. April Grant, Valerie Parker, Alan B. Colberg, Mike Ranger, Rick Lutze, Turk Lyon

Magazine reviews

Adam Film World:

1 / Warm

Hustler Erotic Video:



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