Linda McDowell

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Linda McDowell
Linda McDowell
Birthday:June 18, 1951
Birth location:Iowa
Years Active:1971-1984
Death:July 15, 2008 - Delhi, Iowa
Weight:130 pounds
Eye color:Bright Sparkling Blue
Hair color:Long Rich Curly Brown
Alias(es):Linda Powell, Claudia Grayson, Linda Powell, Rhonda Handel
No. of films:6
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Strengths & Weaknesses

Weakness - She only made a handful of 1970's silent loops - though there are plenty of jpeg photos of her on the 'net. She didn't shave her twat - boo hoo.

Strengths - She did 3 loops with John Holmes which are a must see. She did some of the most fantastic anal scenes ever complete with very sexy facial come shots that decorated her entire face. With Holmes she wore the same sexy black high-heeled evening sandals [showing off perfect pink toes] in those loops making her long legs look extremely sexy. Coupled with her long curly brown hair and bright blue eyes and milky white untatooed, unpierced skin she was unforgettable. Her figure was perfect with large natural C cup breasts and beautiful light colored nipples and areola. She had long gorgeous legs and a very round tight ass. She was stunning in every way.

Her smile was pretty and fun. Her face was wonderfully expressive as she looked as though she wanted to take you by the hand and walk you down to the beach and laugh with you. Her expressions during sex - especially anal sex with 13" of John Holmes up her creamy white rear end - were priceless as the ordeal seemed excruciating for her.

Arguably she might have been the most beautiful actress in all of the pornographic industry - even to this day and certainly one of the sexiest and most fun to just plane look at.

Interesting Facts

Middle initial is I.


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