Kerri Kravin

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Kerri Kravin
Kerri Kravin
Birth location:England
Hair color:Brunette
Alias(es):Kerri Kraven, Kinky Kerry, Kerry
No. of films:17
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Kerri Kravin is a very tall, sexy girl from England. Her height is 6 feet and 2 inches, to be exact. And she isn't just all height. Her big, sexy ass is something for a horny guy to admire. This pretty lady is an assman's dream cum true, in terms of her sex appeal for the horny guys.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ass, ass, and more ass is the greatest strength of this pretty lass. Her sex appeal for horny assmen is phenomenal. And she isn't shy about taking on the anal guy for a good ass-ride with her.

In 'Teens Revealed 4', Kerri Kravin takes on 3 horny guys for no-holes-barred rides. And double up on her pussy and ass these guys really do in every way. Wild anals, wild DPs, wild DAPs, and wild DPPs. Everything is wild, when this pretty, tall girl spreads her sexy ass for the horny guys to ride.

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