Julie Meadows

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Julie Meadows
Julie Meadows
Birthday:February 3, 1974
Astrological Sign:Aquarius
Years Active:1998-2005 (Started at 24 years old)
Height:5'6" (167 cm)
Weight:115 lbs. (52 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Blond
No. of films:127
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A corn-fed, grinsome lady from the farmlands of the mid-west, Julie Meadows is as fresh a slice of porn Americana as you're likely to find in erotic films. In other words, she may look like the sweet-faced girl next door, but she's as nasty as they come, and has a voracious appetite for any and all forms of screen sex. She's not a bad actress either, bringing tenderness to her characterizations that contrasts nicely with her sexual histrionics. Equally at home either in gonzo or big-budget, couples' productions, any scene featuring this gorgeous blonde is certain to be worth a look.

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