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Joselyn Pink
Joselyn Pink
Birthday:May 15, 1981
Astrological Sign:Taurus
Birth location:Northern Idaho
Years Active:2003-2008
Height:5'4" (163 cm)
Weight:110 lbs (50 kg)
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Brown/Red
Tattoos:Medium Sized Artistic Symbol That Stretches The Length Of Lower Back
Piercings:Clithood; Navel
Alias(es):Joycelyn, Joslyn Pink, Jocelyn Pink , Jocelyn Pink, Samantha Michaels
No. of films:49
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  • Favorite Colors: Pink!! - Purple, Black, Maroon, bright Yellow, Red, Dark Green.
  • Favorite Drinks: Corona, Moose Drool, Red beer, Amber Bach, Hefenweizen, Coke, Tea, Frappacino, Liquid Cocaine, Kamikazes, Pinot grigio, Merlot, Cabernet, Martinis. And LOTS of water!
  • Favorite Foods: Pussy ;) Anything Italian. Other than my carb intake, I eat rather well : I love salad with balsamic vinagrette... Mongolian, Thai, Broccoli, carrots, Asparagus, Steak, Pork chops, Seafood - especially jumbo shrimp and snow crab. I eat raw veggies a lot as snacks & eat a lot of soup. I'm a label reader.
  • Special Talents: Besides oral/sex skills.... heheh
    • I am very flexible.
    • I am a very skilled horseback rider, all of my teen years I competed my horses in the circuit horseshows & gaming/Omoksee events as well as reining & trail. I qualified for Nationals 2 years in a row. And was a "princess" in my state. I also trained horses for pay in my free time.
    • Calligraphy - very good at this.
    • Filming
    • Public speaking - It's just something I do well.
    • Photoshop - Ha!
    • Makeup Artist - I'm pretty damn good at this.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, I'm an avid Mountain biker, Working out, Stripping, Camping, Fishing, Antiques, Museums, Swimming & tanning, Hot tub, Crafts, Movies, History, Live Journal, Road trips, Searching Ebay, Directing, Traveling, the list goes on.
  • Social Life: By nature I am a loner & I like it that way. But when I am social, I prefer the company of men to women, most women irritate me and very few I can actually befriend.

The only time I have to go out & be social/party when I'm in LA working; is in the evening...usually to a company party, porn star karoke, sushi, and it's almost nightly. Another place that is very popular that we frequent, is a certain outdoor restaurant in Santa Monica. When I'm at home in Vegas, Ko Jaxxx, and I have bbq's & pool parties usually every Wednesday. We shoot all the time. We go out with friends a couple times a month to dinner & then drinks. I keep busy always!

  • How I became a pornstar: After 1 year of being an Office Manager, I wanted to do something a little more exciting so I started moonlighting as a Stripper & while having those two jobs I met a guy named Erik, (who is now a good friend of mine). He owns a (mostly adult) modeling agency & is a porn content provider. I worked for him a bit & then I decided I wanted to be a "real" porn star & knew I had to be in LA making real large production porn movies to be a "real" porn star; I made a few phone calls & a week later I got an agent, went to LA & have been making movies ever since then!
  • Turn Ons: A nice smile, Throbbing hard cock, Deep sexy voices, Manly men, Gentlemen/chivalry, British accents, A man who knows how to be dominant but gentle at the same the bedroom, Romance, Watching porn together, Using food/wine in the bedroom, boobs, pretty pussy, fantasies.
  • Turn Offs: Hair, Gossip, Arrogance, Bitchiness, Facial piercings, People not comfortable in their own skin - it shows, Drugs, People who don't take care of themselves, Talking too much or worse, too little.
  • Favorite sexual Position: Missionary, Doggy & Sideways.

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  • Miss Nude Porn Internet 2006

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