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John Thompson Productions is a German adult video production company, specializing in group sex, bukkake, and pissing. Their various lines of videos include John Thompson, GGG, 666, Sexbox, GGG Devot, and Mädchenmund.


John Thompson

Bukkake series.

Year Title Cast
2007 Am Sperma Limit Monja


Bukkake series, harder than the John Thompson series.

Year Title Cast
2005 Absolut Sperma Annette


Bukkake and pissing series.

Year Title Cast
2002 Alles für mich!!! Betty G.


Bukkake and pissing series, with extreme BDSM and simulated rape. No longer in production.

GGG Devot

Bukkake and pissing series.

Year Title Cast
2008 Pisse & Sperma! 002 Lina


Teen bukkake series.

Year Title Cast
2006 Jung und Naiv Angie