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Official Site - is a successful rating-based adult site that aims at providing visitors with valuable information as to what adult online theaters and studio web sites are worth visiting. Among visitors, the most popular part of the site is their, what they call, Gift Corner. Basically, it is a collection of links where to get free minutes in adult theaters, such as aebn,, and others. The Gift Corner is constantly updated.

In addition to the rating site, runs two blogs.

- Sexy Blog: This blog is for straight visitors and features thousands of preview clips, galleries, and other hot content. Unfortunately, this blog seems to be still under construction.

- Sexy Boy Blog: This blog is for gay visitors and features thousands of preview clips, galleries, and other hot content. Theater video clips are neatly sorted by category, web site clips are simply listed.

The formula is hardly original but the very fact that it has been applied points to some careful thought and planning to have gone into the execution. The result is an unusual mix of free minutes for quality porn theaters, extended previews of paid sites. The design of the web site makes you feel at home.

User Experience

The site is nicely designed with intuitive navigation and a breath-taking amount of content which ranges from tips to get free minutes, free downloads, clips, galleries, to extended previews of pay sites. The content is varied enough with a sufficiently clever tone to everything to actually make you want to explore the whole site.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video links on this site lead to others. Over 100,000 clips updated regularly.

Pictures: Some picture galleries, which are rather hard to find.

Features: Search function for all theater content, still in draft version.

Content Sources: Users may send in suggestions for additional content.


(+) Free porn minutes

(+) Useful search function

(+) Appealing design

(-) Few pictures

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