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Gwen Media
Gwen Media
Founded:1999 (original company); 2007 (successor)
Number of films:143
Gwen Media Videos

Top Rated Filmography



  • The Ivy Manor (ongoing)
  • Amanda Wildfyre's Rubber Slaves (discontinued by studio)
  • Crimson Mansion (discontinued by studio)
  • Heavy Rubber (compilation)
  • Ivy Manor Slaves (seperate from "Ivy Manor" series) (on-going)
  • Mistress Aradia's Real Deal (discontinued by studio)
  • Nicole Sheridan's Domination Diaries (discontinued by studio)
  • Part-Time
  • Perils of Gwen
  • Portal
  • Rubberella (discontinued by studio)
  • Sessions
  • White Box (discontinued by studio)

Gwen Media Filmography

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Head Games
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Torment
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Boot Slut
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Doll Factory 1
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Doll Factory 2
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Nurse
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Ponies 1
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Ponies 2
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Rubber Sex Slave
Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Slaves: Tickled To Tears
American Pinups
American Pinups 2
Ariel's Reform
Bizarre Latex Couple
Bondage Desires
Bound For Good
Bound Up (compilation)
Crimson Mansion: Brianna Takes Control
Crimson Mansion 2: The New Recruit
Crimson Mansion 3: Maria's Punishment
Crimson Mansion 4: The Catacombs
Crimson Mansion Collection (compilation)
Date with Destiny
Deep Shine (compilation)
Demonic Dreamer
Diary of a Rubber Girl
Dolly Dreams
Domestic Maid Service
Dominatrix Desires
Double Impact
Double Touble
Dream Come True
Dreaming Of Ashley
Emily: Solo
Executive Submission
Fetish Girls
Fetish Girls 2
Flesh Control
Heavy Rubber
Heavy Rubber 2
Hooded Torments
Hoods (compilation)
Isabella's Toy
Ivy Manor: The Beginning
Ivy Manor 2: Jennifer's Initiation
Ivy Manor 3: Tropical Submission
Ivy Manor 4: Continuing Education
Ivy Manor 5: Teacher's Pet
Ivy Manor 6: Pony Girls in Training
Ivy Manor 5: Rubber Dreams
Ivy Manor Slaves
Ivy Manor Slaves 3: Dream Team pt 1
Ivy Manor Slaves 3: Dream Team pt 2
Ivy Manor Slaves 4: The Bodyguards
Kinky Girlfriends
Latex Dominatrix
Latex Seduction (Euro Media)
Lights Out
Mind Control (Partnered with APP)
Mind Control 2 (Partnered with APP)
Mind Control 3 (Partnered with APP)
Mind Control 4 (Partnered with APP)
Mind Control 5 (Partnered with APP)
Mistress Calling
My Personal Slave Justine
Nicole Sheridan's Domination Diaries
Nicole Sheridan's Domination Diaries 2
Nicole Sheridan's Domination Diaries 3
Pain B4 Pleasure
Painful Pleasures
Part Time
Part Time 2
Part Time 3: Poker Game
Part Time 4: Pleasure Maids
Part Time 5: The Competition
Part Time 6: The Initiation
Perverse Punishment (Euro Media)
Pleasure Slaves (Euro Media)
Purging Protocol
Rubber Climax (Euro Media)
Rubber Klinik
Rubber Klinik 2
Rubber Mistress
Rubber Orgy (Euro Media)
Rubber Slave: Tropical Fantasies
Rubber Starlets
Rubberella 1: Steel Chamber
Rubberella 2: Latex Bound
Rubberella 3: The Facility
Rubberella 4: Slave Chronicles
Rubberella 5: Confined
Rubberella 6: Day Spa
Rubberella and Latex Slut (mini film)
Rubberella, Fetish Queen (compilation)
Secret Sessions 1: Morgan Monroe and Kim Lee
Secret Sessions 2: Mistress Erzsebet and Gia Regency
Sessions 01: Victoria and Mistress Pandora
Sessions 02: Emily Marilyn and Mistress Vendetta
Sessions 03: Mistress Sonya and Inga
Sessions 04: Mistress Nicolette and Anna Mills
Sessions 05: Goddess Sativa and Paige Richards
Sessions 06: Mistress Sandra and Anastasia Pierce
Sessions 07: Mistress Nicolette and Cheryl Lynn Khan
Sessions 08: Sovereign Sonya and Magdelyn
Sessions 09: Mistress Jacqueline Du Monde and Anna Valentina
Sessions 10: Mistress Marina Montague and Vanessa James
Sessions 11: Evolin Pierce and Anastasia Pierce
Sessions 12: Mistress Nicolette and Lexa Lane
Sessions 13: Mistress Aradia and Paige Richards
Sessions 14: Julie Simone and Krissy
Sessions 15: Vima Sophia and Deviant Kade
Sex Chamber (Euro Media)
Sexual Restraint (Euro Media)
Sexual Slavery
Slavery: A Love Story (Volume 1, Part 1) (Partnered with Julie Simone)
Slavery: A Love Story (Volume 1, Part 2) (Partnered with Julie Simone)
Slick City
Submissive Desires
Sweet Surrender
The Asylum
The Best of Amanda Wildefyre (compilation)
The Betrayal
The English Mistress
The English Mistress 2: Rubber And Bizarre
The Perils Of Gwen
The Perils Of Gwen 2
The Portal
The Portal 2 - Latex Pets in Training
The Portal 3 - Steffy's Rubber Adventures
Trapped in Latex
Trapped in Latex 2
Valentina - Slave Harem Of Master Damon
VR (Virtual Reality)
Web Slaves
White Box: Bound & Gagged (Anna Valentina)
White Box: Catsuits, Corsets And Hoods (Dahlia)
White Box: Ginger Bound
White Box: Jewell Abducted (Jewell Marceau)

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