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The mission of Wikiporno is this:

Wikiporno is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide guide to pornography.

Wikiporno articles should be useful for at least the following purposes:

  • For finding good content, late-night while surfing the web;
  • For finding honest reviews, not some hyped up advertising link gallery;
  • For locating free porn for those who prefer to remain discrete;
  • For individual site / performer / movie information, no boring general info;

There are probably hundreds of other uses for Wikiporno articles; these are ones we try to keep in mind while authoring and editing pages.


These are some specific non-goals; things people might think we want to do with Wikiporno, but we don't:

  1. Create a site with adult content. Wikiporno is not a porn site.
  2. Create a new place for adult advertisements. Wikiporno is not an advertising driven site.
  3. Create corporate promotions. The reviews here are from users, to users.
  4. Provide more search engine spam. Every page should be relevant, meaningful and useful.
  5. Provide a personal homepage or dating service. This is not a social network for user profile pages.
  6. Create a chat board. There are plenty of Web-based and email discussion groups on the Internet, where people can talk about their experiences, ask questions, complain, make friends and joke around. Wikiporno has talk pages for each article, but these should be used to develop the article itself, and not as a "comments" area. Anyone can edit a Wikiporno article; if you have useful information about a topic, put it in the article itself.
  7. Make an encyclopedia. Wikiporno aims to tell people exclusively about online porn and porn sites. If you find yourself needing references and footnotes on Wikiporno, whatever you're writing should probably go to Wikipedia instead.

There are probably lots of other near-miss goals that people might think we have; if needed, we'll list those here, too.

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