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Birthday:March 1, 1972
Astrological Sign:Pisces
Birth location:Orange County, CA
Years Active:1993-2007 (Started around 21 years old)
Height:5'5" (165 cm)
Weight:110 lbs. (49 kg)
Hair color:Brunette
Sexual orientation:Bisexual
Ethnicity:Caucasian/Native American
Alias(es):Felicia, Felecia Danay
No. of films:445
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Felecia is one of the few 'girl only' adult stars that has become a stable of the triple X business. She has a gorgeous face with an ethnic look, tight trim body and firm natural boobs, but it's her intense sex scenes that keep her popular among her female counterparts. Off screen, she is soft spoken and sincere. Her manner is much like the quiet girl next door, but don't be fooled. She approaches her work with intensity that few can match. Her hot sexual encounter with Krista Maze in Dear Diary was one of the many highlights in the award winning movie. As for her personal life, Felecia loves men as much as she loves women, a true bi-sexual. She reportedly lives with a man, one of the reasons she's not willing to take the plunge on screen with male performers. But, she's pretty enough, and hot enough, that we're content to watch her just play with the girls!

Strengths & Weaknesses

Felecia's biggest strength is that she has always been exquisitely "put together". Her hair is always perfect, that perfectly toned body and trademark deep tan lines make her one of the most recognizable by body alone. A popular term for the all-girl performers that are similar to Felecia is "Lipstick Lesbians". With the grand majority of her partners over the years, there usually is no clearly defined dominate or masculine role player in the parings or group. No "butch" performers (for lack of a better word!) In fact very few have even looked worse for the wear in such a harsh business. The viewer that follows Felecia's appearances is allowed to drift off into a fantasy land of petite "former cheerleader" types, among a cast of performers that could easily be models in any mainstream medium.

Another major strength of Felecia is her pristine beauty masks a truly carnal lust for sex. She seems especially fond of performing vigorous oral on her fellow femmes, often delving into analingus and the variety of "toys" to augment her goal of giving her partner an authentic orgasm. And when her partner puts in earnest work on her, Felecia will hit that high with a relish that is all too rare. Sure, give her points for show-womanship, but when the show is convincing enough, we can forgive the reality that there is some acting involved. Felecia's career spanned nearly 15 years. Like Nina Hartley, one could do a "six degrees" of Felecia and find it involves every major actress active during that time. She "retired" from film work quietly, and it has been reported that she still maintains an active appearance and dance circuit schedule.

The only "weakness" that can be debated is that, due to her fervent adherence to all girl work, she has suffered backlash among the rather misogynistic element in the male audience. For many, it looks like women in her realm are perfectly happy without men, and to "strap up" with a dildo in a harness, the more delicate male egos cannot resist feeling replaced. If you watch her in the few "girl-girl-BOY" three-way scenes, she is meticulous about avoiding even a glancing touch with the man, usually staying on the polar opposite of the other woman. Ed Powers and Tom Byron have used her to aid in the seduction of new female performers. I remember a very rare instance where she actually made an attempt to get in close and look like she was interested in contact with the man's "big finish" - the stubbornly compulsory end of nearly every scene. You might also find a moment or two, like in one of her solo scenes, when she might include some dirty talk about hetero sex, and even address the camera to connect with the male viewer. It's a hard sell to those that are familiar with her, but again, you can't fault a girl for trying to make a living. The best any female that traverses through the valley of the flesh trade can hope for is that when all is said and done, that she did only what she felt she wanted to do, and enjoyed herself while doing it, and most importantly, that she emerges on the other side healthy, with a few bucks to show for it, and without haunting regrets. All evidence points to Felecia as having accomplished that. - A Dee Fan, July 2012

Interesting Facts

Felecia did do one on camera scene with a man, and the man was her real life male partner. It was in the Ed Powers produced "Tight Shots #1" in the mid 90s, and it was an oral (her on him) only scene. As significant as this moment was to her loyal fans, it was a largely forgettable performance. Her man was on his back motionless the whole time while she labored over his mostly disinterested appendage until it was probably agreed they, and we all had suffered enough! It did little to advance her credibility among her male detractors.

A little known journey of Felecia into that world of "over the top" erotica, was in a very rare Elegant Angel production called "The Fist, The Whole Fist, and Nothing But The Fist". The company attempted to boldly address this aspect of sexual performing that was deemed to be crossing the line on obscenity in the USA, a stigma, if not actual law that still exists today. It was marketed as a documentary, and whom better than Elegant Angel mainstay at the time, Chloe to host the gathering of many of the veteran female performers of the time. Perhaps it was strategically decided that using the "educational" approach (Chloe was downright clinical in her opening monologue), and using all females would ease the impact of such a bold move. It was released in 2000, and though it's difficult to gauge the reactions to it, or the reasons why Elegant Angel pulled the plug on it, it disappeared as swiftly as it came. There is no mention of it, not even in an archival sense, in any present day Elegant Angel website or marketing. The newly minted Bush administration may have been influential in stirring up "Meese Report" sentiments, and Elegant Angel just may have reconsidered whether this production gave ammo to the forces that are against them.


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