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EveKnows.com is a Web 2.0 porn search engine specializing in gallery indexing. It provides fast and accurate results of photo and video galleries, including thumbnail previews. All galleries are scanned to ensure they do not have viruses or spyware.


EveKnows first appeared in March 2007. The site's founder, Aidan Trent, claims to have built it to learn about search engine technology. Behind-the-scenes development is made public on his blog.


EveKnows supports several useful features not found in traditional porn search engines. These include:

  • Live Search Suggestions, similar to Google Suggest
  • Custom RSS Feeds, allowing anyone to monitor their favorite models through an RSS reader
  • Tag Cloud of popular search terms
  • Site and Source searching, allowing users to search all galleries hosted by a particular site, or all galleries linked to by their favorite TGP/MGP.