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Eroticy is the net’s response to exploring your sexuality online. With a community of over 3 million members from all over the world Eroticy is more about connecting than giving you the de rigueur jack-off material of most sites of this ilk.

Unique in both its free trial which allows you to sample its many aspects as well as the fact that Eroticy caters to just about any sexual orientation you care to mention, the site has quietly, but steadily been coming up on the ranks in terms of both reputation and popularity.

The site’s a bit confusing to use at first, because there is so much there: pro and amateur still sets (many submitted by members), animation, horoscopes, advice, chat, message boards, web directories, club and escort listings. However, after a couple of visits, the navigation becomes more familiar and begins to feel quite intuitive. Customer service is a strong point, and was rated very highly by all the users in review sites.

It has an incredible amount of video in 3000 plus streams with some as long as 45 minutes and this in itself is unusual. Eroticy is unusual in that it combines the best of community and dating sites, throws in many of the features of adult content sites and offers a place where multi-tasking, plurality and choice are the norm.

Site Detail

Price: Free three-day trial; 1 mo./$21.95, 6 mos./$99.95, 12 mos./$139.95.

Terms: Memberships automatically recur at published rates unless canceled.

Processor: CCBill

Content: Adult Videos | Thousands of Pictures both pro and amateur plus long-duration video streams


(+) Pictures of real people and great quality

(+) Private messaging and chat

(+) Complete access for the free membership

(+) A huge choice of video

Online Reviews

" Eroticy is a very elegantly designed dating website. Please bear in mind its an adult-centered site so there's a whole variety of people to browse through.!

It's free to register for a trial period of 3 days (after the trial there's limitations to what you can do) and you can communicate during the trial, something very few 'free registration' sites will allow you. It will certainly give you a good idea of the type of site and the amount of potential dates you can find. Joining takes about 10 minutes and has the usual interests, description, criteria you'd expect, but also has options for you to describe your 'wildest fantasy' and your 'most outrageous experience'. The browsing is excellent (with lots of subgenres for searches), but be aware that the profiles and descriptions are very raunchy. The site has detailed searching within USA and outwith it and you can specify a plethora of criteria to find the type of people you like. The site also has lots of other channels to keep you coming back for more like cams, stories, jokes, chat, forums, streaming videos etc. " -- Dating-Tips-Advice (80/100 - #80 Overall)

" In this day and age, with so much going on at once, the one skill that many find very appealing is multitasking. Porn sites are no exception. Many try to take on a lot of areas in the same site, and many end up creating a mess. However, one of the exceptions to this rule is Eroticy. Eroticy is a place to "explore your sexuality", and with all the content and features of the site, you will become Christopher Columbus by the time you'll be done visiting. " -- RabbitsReviews (9/10 - #9.5 Overall)

" In a recent article in Maxim, Denise Franklin, a writer whose work has been published in Newsweek, Time, RollingStone, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Journal, and several other major print publications, described the site “the early adopter of the ‘Sexual Discovery Killer App.’ In other words, Eroticy is to learning about your sexuality as eBay is to Auctions, Amazon is to Shopping, and Friendster is to Social Networking.”

The site has legions of fans. Meghan describes it as “one of the most addictive sites since eBay.” Katie says she’s been using the site “for years. This site has everything anyone can ask for and then more. It is more than an adult site, more than porn, more than personals; it is my reference for everything that has to do with sex.” Brenda says, “My husband and I have learned so much about our sexual interests and have uncovered so many new and exciting experiences. We continue to use Eroticy to explore what we're into and I wish I were comfortable enough to tell more of my friends about it.” " -- Datingdame (4/5 - #4.8 Overall)

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Additional Background

Online dating has revolutionized the way you can meet people. No longer do you have to sit at the same humdrum hangout and scan the faces that come in, looking for a suitable match. With Internet personals services, you can browse through endless number of online profiles, any time of the day or night, from the convenience of home. There is no fear of rejection or hiding from cheesy pick up lines. Browse when you want, on your terms. You can search niche singles websites looking for a long-term match or exclusive sites for short-term romance. No matter what your heart's desire is, you can find it by browsing through a personals services directory.

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