Emergency Ward DD

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Emergency Ward DD
Emergency Ward DD
Director:John Graham
Studio:Big Top Digital
Runtime:88 mins.
Series:Not In Any Series
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Plot Summary

Is there a doctor in the house? Oh yeah! And you're going to need one when you're done with this extraordinary, comedic, full length feature. The opening scene with Lisa Lipps and Sarenna Lee engaged in strong anal activities will rush you to the hospital to get fixed up by nurse Angelique with her Brazillian bedside technique. From there on, you'll get raving antics between hospital staff and patients with boy/girl anal scenes features Sana Fey and Candy Andes. Later, nurse Angelique herself is injured, and only the Oriental opiate Minka can heal her in a strong lesbian strap-on scene. Your insurance may not cover it, but a visit to Emergency Ward Double D is worth ever penny spent.




Scene breakdowns
  1. Scene 1. Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee
  2. Scene 2. Angelique Dos Santos, guy
  3. Scene 3. Candy Andes, guy
  4. Scene 4. Angelique Dos Santos, Minka
  5. Scene 5. Sana Fey, guy

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