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Elephant List is long and makes no excuses about it as it tries to live up to the promise of its name. It does that through a really long text link list that goes on and on and on and the site makes no apologies about the length of time you need to scroll.

The moment you get used to the marketing ploy however you begin to wander if there may be a better way of either making the point or organizing the endless procession of text links leading off to a number of affiliate linked porn sites and the magic of the hunt for some exciting porn begins to evaporate.

Elephant List begins as a good idea but there it also stops and in today’s ultra-competitive online porn world it really needs a lot more than that to keep visitors coming back.

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs


(+) A good range of content

(+) Easy to use

(-) Long endless list makes navigation tiresome after a while

Online Reviews

"Elephant List is as long as you would expect from a site with that name but man, after the first fifteen minutes of clicking through text link after text link my mouse trigger finger began to tire" -- Sensible Erection (3/5 - #3 Overall)

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