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Dump The Pussy is a hybrid. A TGP – that is a thumbnail gallery porn site plus a free video content site which is used as advertising by most of the industry regulars.

This is one of those sites which on paper sounds great as it kills two birds with one stone, though in truth it only succeeds in falling between two stools by failing to appeal to one or another group.

On the net those surfing for porn want a quick payoff and a certain degree of familiarity and sites which confuse them are unlikely to do well, particularly when there are also online poker pop-ups to contend with. It may well be that after a guy has experience the relief of autoeroticism he may well think of indulging in some gambling but the latter is unlikely to be at the forefront of his mind when he is surfing the net looking for free porn.

Site Detail

Format: Text links and online videos

Terms: Free porn and usual text links

Photographs: Not many, a few hundred at most

Videos: a few hundred video clips


(+) A mix between TGP and free porn video site

(+) Provides a nice distraction

(-) Pop ups are annoying

(-) A little confusing as to what it is

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