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DiabloDick.comis the private blog of Dr. DiabloDick, an alias for one of the adult industry's most productive content providers. The blog is very different from many other adult oriented [[1]]blogs in its emphasis on quality texts. Indeed many veterans of adult sites are disappointed, at first, by the scarcity of visual content. However, once immersed in the lighthearted, funny, intelligent texts, many stay and roam the site (the average page view per visitor is impressive indeed for such a modest and young site). Dr. DiabloDick writes about a plethora of topics, beginning in his own personal experiences in the adult business, all the way to global warming.

The man behind the site is not the less interesting and colorful than the site itself. True to his name, Dr. DiabloDick is indeed a scholar, holding a PhD. in philosophy from a major university. After many years in the academy as a lecturer and researcher, he decided he had enough. He turned to his second love - adult oriented creative writing. Soon his education, creative spirit, and expertise gained him many freelance jobs with the adult industry's biggest players.

DiabloDick.com is the Doctor's private lighthearted playground.