Debbie Does Dallas

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Debbie Does Dallas
Debbie Does Dallas
Director:Jim Clark
Writer:Maria Minestra
Music:Gerald Sampler
Cinematography:Billy Budd
Editing:Hals Liptus
Runtime:84 mins.
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It's been copied, serialized and consistently remade. But the original Debbie Does Dallas has certainly never been equaled. This classic of adult cinema remains a bestseller decades after it's original release in 1978. Starring the perfectly named Bambi Woods as a talented amateur cheerleader with an offer to pack her bags and go pro, Debbie Does Dallas follows her and the rest of the horny squad as they try to raise money for Debbie's trip. They form Teen Services, an enterprise committed to pleasing male customers. If only Hollywood could come up with story hooks as inviting. And just in case you were wondering, the sex scenes are pure, fun, unadulterated lust.

Plot Summary

Debbie Benton (Bambi Woods) is the captain of her high school cheerleading squad, and has been accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirls. Her parents disapprove, though, and refuse to pay the fare to Texas. In a bid to help Debbie, her cheerleader friends Lisa (Georgette Sanders), Roberta (Misty Winter), Tammy (Arcadia Lake), Pat (Kasey Rodgers), and Annie (Jenny Cole) decide to accompany her to Texas. They have two weeks to raise the money, and swear off any sexual activity with their boyfriends and form a company, called "Teen Services", offering help.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • (+) Classic, all-star cast



  1. Scene 1. Kasey Rodgers, Christie Ford, David Morris, Hershel Savage, Steve Marshall
  2. Scene 2. Christie Ford, Robin Byrd, Eric Edwards
  3. Scene 3. Jenny Cole, Rikki O'Neal, David Pierce
  4. Scene 4. Merle Michaels, Hershel Savage
  5. Scene 5. Georgette Saunders, Ben Pierce, Peter Lerman
  6. Scene 6. Arcadia Lake, Georgette Saunders, Tony Mansfield
  7. Scene 7. Bambi Woods, R. Bolla


  • 2008 AVN Award for Best Classic DVD (when released as DVD)
  • AVN Top 500