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Dayton Rains
Dayton Rains
Birthday:March 18, 1977
Astrological Sign:Pisces
Birth location:Sacramento, CA
Years Active:1997-2006 (Started around 20 years old)
Height:5'1" (154 cm)
Weight:103 lbs. (46 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Blond
Tattoos:Lower back, right abdomen (dragonfly), left and right calf
Alias(es):Dayton Raines, Reyna Via, Dayton, Dayton Rain, Ilana Lesa
No. of films:200
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Originally from Sacramento, Dayton spent some time finding her niche in the world. She held many different jobs ranging from cocktail waitress to manicurist. Like most adult performers, Dayton initiated her adult career by dancing at local strip clubs. While working at Headliners in Sacramento, she shared the stage with another soon-to-be famous performer, Bunny Luv. During one of her dancing gigs, Dayton met agent Roy Garcia who started getting her work doing nude layouts for various magazines. Dayton continued dancing while branching out into nude modeling and eventually found her way to the exotic dancer’s paradise of Las Vegas. She has worked at both Cheetah’s and Crazy Horse Too, playing to the large convention crowds and often pulling in more than $1000 a night.

Although dancing was a good source of income, Dayton eventually became intrigued by the porn world through her run-ins with numerous feature dancers. While working at the Imperial Theater in Anaheim, Dayton met Jill Kelly and was encouraged to ease into the industry. Over the next few months, Dayton took it slow and did a few girl-girl scenes while still posing for magazine layouts. As she became more and more comfortable with the business, she began doing boy-girl scenes, but things didn’t always go as planned. Dayton Rains is a sweet, outgoing lady that was born and raised in beautiful California. This vixen is the very best of her Portuguese and French bloodlines. She was born in Sacramento on March 18, 1977.

Dayton has always been a tomboy but also enjoys getting into the glamour girl life too. This seductress has innocent girl-next-door looks and an incredible body to back it up. She is easily recognizable on screen for her dragonfly tattoo just right of her navel.

When Dayton first started working she had jobs in many different industries ranging from waitress to beautician. She got into adult entertainment with stripping at the local gentlemen’s clubs, eventually working at one of the bigger clubs in the area, Headliners. One night while dancing there, an agent saw her perform and he got her into nude layouts for magazines. She found herself dancing in Las Vegas not long after this, even working the large conventions.

Dayton learned more and more about the porn industry through the various feature dancers she came across at the clubs. In Anaheim she met Jill Kelly, who pushed for her to slowly enter the business. Dayton took this advice and started doing a few girl on girl scenes and continued doing magazine pictorials as well. After a bit of time she moved up to doing some boy/girl scenes.

Dayton had one setback while learning the porn trade, in her performance in ‘Initiations #1’ for Anabolic. She was meant for her to receive Vince Voyeur’s load in her waiting mouth. She refused to take it, and has kept that policy for herself, though she did add a lot of drama to that scene with her actions.

Dayton has appeared in over 120 films thus far and continues to be one of the busiest girls in hardcore porn. When starting out she went by the name of Reyna Via and has now picked up the name Ilana Lesa as well. She has done work for Vivid under the name of just Dayton, while working for them she did her first anal scene and did her first scenes that really required acting. As her contract with Vivid expired, she ended up signing a deal with Jill Kelly Productions.

Dayton continues to do porn, but is also appearing in mainstream video as well including a number of music videos and a mainstream film called ‘Spun.’ She is definitely a porn goddess to keep looking out for in coming years.

In one of her earliest (and most controversial) adult performances, Dayton appears with Jeanie Rivers in Anabolic’s Initiations. The two don’t perform together, but rather against each other while Vince Voyeur and Erik Everhard put them through the paces. Set in what appears to be Anabolic’s video warehouse, Dayton and Jeanie are blindfolded and placed on a stack of forklift palettes covered with a comfortable piece of card board. Sporting a black stocking cap pulled over her eyes, Dayton gets a thorough slamming while Vince and Erik take their turns at this first-class pussy buffet. Eventually the blindfolds come off but both girls are too busy getting fucked to take note of the absurdly cheap improvised set. When the scene comes to a close, Erik pulls out of Jeanie and fires his load into her open mouth. When it’s Vince’s turn, Dayton literally runs away yelling “I’m not doing that shit.” Fortunately Jeanie is receptive to Vince’s impending ejaculation and takes most of it in her mouth. When Vince recovers, he reprimands Dayton’s inhibitions saying, “This ain’t Vivid sweetheart.” He then throws her out of the warehouse without her clothes. Whether this was all staged or not is ambiguous, but still makes for some decent and unexpected drama. Needless to say, she failed her “initiation” but Vince’s comment about Vivid would prove to be prophetic.

Banking on her youthful and natural looks, Dayton appeared in several titles within the burgeoning “young girl” genre. Most noteworthy of these was Hustler’s premiere installment of Barely Legal in 1999. In her vignette, Dayton plays an artist who places ads for young female models, and then seduces them. Bobbie Adore plays her latest victim, and bashfully removes her clothes on command. When Dayton can’t get the right lighting, she suggests moving indoors and applying coconut oil to Bobbie’s skin. Inside, the two kneel on a bed while Dayton slowly rubs oil all over Bobbie’s entire body. Before long Dayton is sucking on her nipples and then moves down to her clit. Dayton eats her pussy like some sort of starving animal; ramming two fingers inside her while aggressively tonguing and sucking on her clit. Later, Dayton puts Bobbie in a doggy position while she spanks and fingers her while whispering nasty things in her ear. Bobbie eventually reciprocates with some oral action of her own while poking a finger inside Dayton’s ass. Overall, this is a girl-girl scene of the hardcore variety with Dayton taking a clear dominant role; without a doubt, one of Dayton’s best scenes period.

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