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Dale DeBone
Dale DeBone
Birthdate:January 8, 1972
Astrological Sign:Capricorn
Birth location:Roanoke, Virginia
Birth name:Dale Wayne Moffitt
Years Active:1998
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Dale entered the adult industry after he was discovered by scouts from Adam & Eve while working at Xanadu, a ladies nightclub in North Carolina. He was signed to the most lucrative contract offered a male performer and became immensely popular with the female audience. He was the first of the "Soap Opera Star" male performers.

Dale's rapid rise to porn stardom incited envy in many of the veteran male performers of the time, such as Vince Voyeur, Jonathan Morgan and Chuck Martino. Early in his career, rumors circulated about his friendship with porn star Joey Ray whom Dale had coached on a porn set. It is for this reason that they claimed to be brothers though they are unrelated. Dale later got his revenge by banging all their girlfriends and famously beating Chuck Martino's ass at a bowling alley.

Dale has starred in a slew of motorcycle videos and holds the world record for the longest endo.

in 2004, Dale relocated to Miami, Florida whre he lives to this day. Dale is currently the drummer for a hard rock cover band NOVACAINE in Miami, Florida and a part-time tennis coach. He is retired from the adult industry. Dale was rumored to be dating tennis legend Jennifer Capriati in 2005 but there is no basis for this.

Dale currently uses his real name : Dale Rutter.


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