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Christi Lake
Christi Lake
Birthday:December 12, 1965
Astrological Sign:Sagittarius
Birth location:Mineapolis, MN
Years Active:1995-2004 (Started at 31 years old)
Height:5'9" (175 cm)
Weight:110 lbs. (49 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Red
Alias(es):Christy Lake, Crista Lake, Cristi Lake, Kristy Lake
No. of films:70
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Porn star and producer, Christi Lake is one of the best-known porn stars of the 90’s. This leggy vixen was born in Michigan back on December 12th, 1965. She was raised in Michigan and Minnesota, where this sweet girl developed into the 5’9”, 121lb hottie that has rocked the porn scene since her debut in 1995.

After high school, Christi worked in a factory and video store. She determined factory life was not only too boring for her, but too hazardous for her health with the chemicals that were being used there. She ended up entering an amateur contest at a local club one night on a dare. She enjoyed dancing so much that she quit her job and continued dancing at the club.

Christi started looking into the swinging lifestyle while she was a dancer, and was soon attending swinger conventions. When at a convention she was approached about doing some magazine pictorials, and was flown to New York to do a couple shoots. The magazine that did the layout of her asked her to sign autographs in their booth at CES, where she was repeatedly told that she should do movies.

After much thought, Christi made the big leap to try a few movies. In late 1995, this sweet temptress flew to LA to try a few movies and see if she enjoyed it. By the end of her third movie, Christi was hooked into the adult film industry. She determined very early on that she wanted to produce movies beyond just starring in them. She created Dripping Wet Pix and shot two movies in very short order called ‘Southern Comfort, part I and II.’ These films were later renamed due to a lawsuit from the liquor company with sharing that name. Soon after her first two films hit the shelves, she was filming ‘Director’s Wet Dreams,’ which was nominated for “Best Featurette” by AVN Magazine in 1997. This was a very impressive feat for a studio that had been in business under a year.

Christi made her mark on the porn world with her series ‘Fan FuXXX.’ She came up with the idea for this when she kept getting letters from fans that would trying to find out how they could have sex with her. She has sex with actual fans in each movie of this series, with the first release in 1996 she had a quick hit on her hands. Three other volumes of ‘Fan FuXXX’ soon were released. She was soon receiving 200 letters a month from fans that were looking to get a chance to be in this series. She continues to shoot more of this series when she can as well as appear in films for other studios and dance as a feature stripper in clubs across the USA. Various other porn stars have now copied her idea, but she knows she brought something new and special to the porn industry that will be around for a long time to come.

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