Bruna Ferraz, a Rainha da Erotika Fair

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Bruna Ferraz, A Rainha da Erotika Fair
Director:Dhones Portella
Starring:Bruna Ferraz
Dany Duran
Julia Fontanelly
Morgana Dark
Music:Studio Explicita
Editing:Studio Explicita
Studio:Studio Explicita
Runtime:106 min.
Watch Bruna Ferraz, a Rainha da Erotika Fair

Bruna Ferraz visits the Erotika Fair 2010 in Brazil, presents some of the products to the viewer and then introduces her sex scene. This leads to a sequence of four sizzling scenes directed by Dhones Portella for Studio Explicita.

Plot Summary

There is no plot besides the presentation of the Erotika Fair by Bruna Ferraz. The scenes following that are not scripted.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Beautiful Brazilian girls.



  1. Bruna Ferraz, Dhones Portella (Oral (F on M and then M on F), Fingering (including anal), Vaginal, Anal, Doggy style, Facial)
  2. Dani Duran, Dhones Portella (Oral, Titty-fucking, Vaginal, Doggy style, Reverse Cowgirl, Standing (from behind), Anal, Spoons)
  3. Julia Fontanelly, Dhones Portella, Rogê (Toys, Oral, Spit Roast, Anal, Cowgirl, DP, Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Creampie)
  4. Morgana Dark, Paola (Oral (F on F), Toys)