Bitches 2

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Bitches 2
Bitches 2
Director:Pierre Woodman
Studio:Private Media
Runtime:180 mins.
Series:Private Gold
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The thugs intimidate the prostitutes of CaesarÂ’s Palace, the mafia rules this luxury brothel and Bruce Noface runs the mafiaÂ… He is all desire, power, ambition, sex & pleasure.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses



  1. Scene 1. Gabriella Tchekan, J.P.X.
  2. Scene 2. Bob Terminator, Gabriella Tchekan, James Brossman
  3. Scene 3. Gaby Marceau, Ian Scott, Sunny Blue
  4. Scene 4. Jean-michel Kossa, Sandra Sunrise
  5. Scene 5. Asian Shan, guy
  6. Scene 6. Bob Terminator, Gaby Marceau, James Brossman
  7. Scene 7. Alberto Rey, Coreena, James Brossman
  8. Scene 8. Joachim, Sunny Blue