Bianca Freire

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Bianca Freire
Bianca Freire
Birthday:December 29, 1986
Birth location:Sao Paulo
Height:5'8" (173 cm)
Weight:125 lbs (57 kg)
Hair color:Black
Tattoos:Outlined star on left shoulder. Text "Peace of mind*" on lower back
Sexual orientation:Transsexual
Alias(es):vianca, Bianca Lare
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Bianca is a fan of Alanis Morissette, Liv Tyler, Milla Jovovich, Marissa Cooper, Christina Ricci, a brazilian couple of singers called "Sandy and Junior", Spice Girls, The Corrs and likes to watch "The O.C." series. She also fan of the old "Punky Brewster" tv show.

Favourite food - Japanese cuisine

Favourite drink - Apple/Orange fruit juice

Dislikes - Alcohol


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