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Asa Akira
Birthday:January 2, 1986
Astrological Sign:Capircorn
Birth location:New York City, New York
Years Active:2006-2010 (Started at 20 years old)
Height:5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Eye color:Black
Hair color:Brunette
Tattoos:Birds back of neck; 5 flowers left shoulder; Cherry blossoms left shoulder blade; Rose right shoulder blade; Star inside left forearm; "Mis / Concepcion" right ankle
Ethnicity:Asian (Japanese)
Alias(es):Akira Lee, Akira
No. of films:57
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Asa Akira is an American pornographic actress. She is of Japanese descent.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Asa Akira not only looks good, but she also acts good. Her sex-scenes with guys are entertaining to watch. And in one of her latest films, 'Asa Akira Is Instatiable', Asa has finally decided to have anal and DP sex with the guys. Which is an interesting change in Asa's porn career. And it's something to watch for in her future films. With her acting abilities, Asa has good potential to make some pretty entertaining anal-sex-scenes.

One very unusual thing Asa Akira usually does with her guys in her scenes is show some affection towards them. It's evident in the way she touches them and the way she looks at them. And in a lot of her scenes, Asa smiles at her guy some time during the sex and affectionately kisses him on the lips.

Some other Asian porn stars also show this kind of affection towards their guys. But among Caucasian porn stars, this kind of affection from the lady for the horny guy is almost non-existent. In some scenes, Caucasian ladies do kiss with their guys. But it's usually initiated by the guy and not the lady. Which leaves some doubt in your mind, whether the lady really likes the guy, or whether she is just responding to him, because she doesn't have much of a choice.

But with Asa Akira you have no doubts like that. Because she often goes out of her way to show some affection and sexual welcome for her guys. This is what ultimately makes Asa Akira such a hot porn star. She gets some chemistry going with most of her guys.

There are plenty of very good-looking ladies in porn. But only very few of them, such as Asa Akira, actively try to show some affection towards their guys. A lot of other porn ladies often look like it's just raw sex for them, and they don't have much of a relationship with the horny guy. Which takes away some of the chemistry and the heat that otherwise might be there.

Interesting Facts

Asa Akira Filmography

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  • 2009 XBIZ Award nominee – New Starlet of the Year
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best Actress – Pure
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best Couples Sex Scene – Pure
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best New Starlet
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – Pure
  • 2010 XRCO Award nominee – Single Performance, Actress – Pure

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