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Anne Howe
Anne Howe
Birthday:August 24, 1978
Astrological Sign:Virgo
Years Active:1999-2003 (Started at 21 years old)
Height:5'6" (167 cm)
Weight:104 lbs. (47 kg)
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Brown
Alias(es):BJ Lixx, B.J. Lixx, Anne, Ashley (als), Melissa (rwb), Melissa Ashley, Lisa, Katy
No. of films:28
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Anne Howe, also known as Melissa Ashley entered this world on August 24, 1978 as the daughter of 70’s porn actress Mary Anne Weiland. She is a petite adult starlet who’s on screen energy seems to be endless. Anne has a natural love for sex and a fetish for being watched, making porn the perfect career for her. When it comes to Anne’s favorite pastimes, she enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, camping, and hiking along with just hanging out with friends, and, of course, sex. Anne also likes to watch movies and some of her favorites include Moulin Rouge, Gangs of New York, and Seven just to name a few. Anne got her start in the adult industry via the modeling route before moving on to the world of XXX films in 1998. Over the past few years, Anne has been in more than seventy porn films and luckily for us she doesn’t show any signs of stopping now.

One of our readers has informed us that Anne is having severe health problems. In 2009 Melissa was suddenly stricken with crippling seizures and life threatening heart problems, the treatment of which left her with a pacemaker. She also survived a cancer scare that year as well, having her left ovary surgically removed and receiving a several month cycle of chemotherapy.

In 2016, she had to receive more chemotherapy and spent several months in hospital to battle another cancer scare. A donation page has been set up to fund her recovery, which can be found at this GoFundMe fundraiser. (It's under her other name, Melissa Ashley).

We wish you a complete recovery!

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  • Anne gained internet infamy through the "but I poop from there!" meme. A scene from Young And Anal 15, widely circulated on the internet, features Anne and Buck Adams in a western saloon. As Buck is about to stick his cock in Anne's ass, she objects, "But I poop from there!" Buck responds, "Not now you don't!"


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