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Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake
No. of films: 5
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“Andrew Blake is one of those polarizing figures in the porn industry. Not that any of his stuff is very controversial - he essentially produces very high-gloss softcore movies that wouldn't look out of place in a music video. Some people (such as myself) like the fact that his content is extremely high grade softcore, while others can get irritated by the fact that his videos are never as explicit as they would want. However, the content is good looking and original, done only the way Andrew Blake can do it. “ ([1])RabbitsReviews (70/100)

“Andrew Blake is up for review today, and this is the official website of the "award winning erotic artist" himself. He has a very unique style to his work, which is very soft and sensual - it's porn your wife might like. This is his collection of porn, which is a lot of girl/girl action, plus some solo and hardcore material as well. I don't know if this is his full collection, or just his best content, or what, but I assume you may have seen some of this stuff before if you've ever purchased some of his DVDs.” ([2])TheBestPorn (80.5/100)

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