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Adult Friend Finder is one of the megasites created by internet entrepreneur Andrew Conru and though hugely successful and very much Web 2.0 in its approach and style it is also very much the centre of a lot of controversy in the way it has allegedly been organised and Andrew Conru himself made history by being one of the first people ever charged under the anti-Spam legislation in 2000. The controversy continues with the publicity of many details on

The Adult Friend Finder network is part of a stable of similar sites which include:,, and, all located in Palo Alto, California.

Match-making megasites are a hybrid, a place where their issue of existence is definitely fudged. People go there to meet friends and new people just for online (or offline) companionship, as well as meet people for sex and adult-related, consensual activities.

Adult Friend Finder is backed by a solid network of almost 200 employees and, debate about the legality of what goes on as a result, aside, has set a standard for internet Web 2.0 adult, personal networks. What sets Adult Friend Finder apart from its many imitators is the sheer degree of functionality available to you for a free registration and the size of the community.

Unlike most standard personal sites the thumbnails your free membership entitles you to are pretty racy and this probably entices a lot of paid for registrations. Free members have full access to the chat rooms and forums and paid subscriptions only give you more functionality rather than greater access. This teaser, membership-bait approach has worked exceedingly well for the site which now boasts a membership in excess of 23 million worldwide.

Log on to the site and its regional-recognition programming picks up your IP address and pre-fills some of the search form fields for you. The site also tells you how many members have joined from your country so you know what your chances are at least.

Site Detail

Price: Monthly Recurring $19.95/month

Terms: Memberships automatically recur at published rates unless canceled.

Processor: CCBill

Content: Adult Videos | Thousands of Pictures


(+) Pictures of real people and great quality

(+) Private messaging and chat

(+) Large access for the free membership

(-) A whiff of scandal and unethical practices mar an otherwise great site

Online Reviews

" You’re going to be able to create a “My Friend Network” letting you keep in touch with a whole group of online buddies by sending special bulletins to your exclusive list of cohorts and sharing with them exclusive private online albums too. Your selected connections can also boast about your host of great qualities from whichever perspective they share by adding a personal testimonial right onto your profile. Immediately on this site you’ll be struck by how much access you get just for filling out a free profile. " -- Cupidsreviews (67/100 - #67 Overall)

" Adult Friend Finder has you moving in new swinging circles. It gives you the chance for more than just hooking up and screwing, although getting laid is always an option. However as the name claims, you’re finding friends not just sex partners. For example, you can form your own My Friend Network here, send out special bulletins within the group and share private online albums. It’s like belonging to some secret crass cock and cunt clique and with just a click of the mouse your computer becomes the clubhouse. Your buds in the club can leave testimonials on your profile explaining how stellar a human being you are or testifying to your endless libido and sexual prowess. " -- RabbitsReviews (7/10 - #6.5 Overall)

" Friend Finder is a website where you can find friendship, dating, passion and romance. It is a thriving community with millions of active members, and thousands of new photos added each week. Needless to say, this online dating personals site is always captivating and enchanting. Need a little more excitement and passion in your life? Find out why is one of the most engaging internet dating sites. " -- Trudating (3/5 - #3.5 Overall)

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