A Tribute To Roberta Smallwood

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A Tribute To Roberta Smallwood
A Tribute To Roberta Smallwood
Director:Roberta Smallwood
Studio:Big Top Digital
Runtime:81 mins.
Series:Not In Any Series
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A few years ago, plump, humongously hung, baby faced, Roberta Smallwood hit the blue scene with an all out no-holds barred f'kathon that took the world of porndom by storm. A headliner today, America's favorite Zoftic queen dedication, Xavier Productions is proud to present this tribute. As icing on the cake we've tossed in two other healthy vamps, Melanie Anton and the late great Trinity Loren. Big dicks, mammoth tits, dildos, assholes and pussies bigger than an Afghanistan cave abound in this special collectors edition.

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  1. Scene 1. Melanie Anton, Roberta Smallwood
  2. Scene 2. Barry Wood, Don Fernando, Melanie Anton, Roberta Smallwood, Trinity Loren
  3. Scene 3. Melanie Anton
  4. Scene 4. Melanie Anton, Barry Wood
  5. Scene 5. Roberta Smallwood, Don Fernando
  6. Scene 6. Roberta Smallwood

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