A 2 M 4

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A 2 M 4
A 2 M 4
Director:John Loyal
Studio:Anabolic Digital
Runtime:178 mins.
Series:A 2 M
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Ask any girl and she’s sure to tell you 'There's nothing more romantic than ass to mouth." Thanks to John Strong for capturing some of the most incredible A-2-M'S ever seen! But that's not all.

Plot Summary

Sexy chicks A2M the dicks of their horny guys into super-hard shape. And then it's fun inside the sexy lady's bum, until the guy has no choice but to cum.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Most of the ladies in this film take it straight-to-anal from their horny guys. And have fun inside each lady's sexy bum these guys really do.

This film is strong in terms of the good looks of the ladies and in terms of the good anal sex these ladies have with their guys. The anal sex is hot and relentless. And the A2M's from these ladies only encourage their guys to go back for more fun inside the sexy lady's bum.