A 2 M 2

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A 2 M 2
A 2 M 2
Director:John Strong
Studio:Anabolic Digital
Runtime:187 mins.
Series:A 2 M
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Ask any girl and sheÂ’s sure to tell you - "There's nothing more romantic than Ass-To-Mouth". Thanks to John Strong for capturing some of the most incredible A-2-M's ever seen! But that's not all. John doesn't stop with A-2-M's.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses

John Strong goes on a straight-to-anal, all-anal fuckathon with two pretty ladies. And every time he changes asses, these pretty lasses suck his dick. There is no rest for this horny guy. And he ends up giving one of his ladies a big anal creampie.

In another scene, John Strong does the same thing with another two ladies. But this time he has better control. These ladies get an open mouth facial from him, instead of an anal creampie. Practice makes perfect for John Strong.

The anal sex is good in this film. And the A2M's are an encouragement from the ladies for their anal guy to ride them harder between their sexy ass-cheeks.