110 Percent Natural 9

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110 Percent Natural 9
110 Percent Natural 9
Director:John Strong
Studio:Red Light District
Runtime:181 mins.
Series:110 Percent Natural
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Naturally stacked sluts, every one of them, Hot and Nasty, suck and fuck for your viewing pleasure!

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses

This film is much less anal than the previous films in this series have been. Only one lady, Annie Cruz, spreads her sexy ass for her horny guys to ride in the last scene of this film.

Which might be okay in a stand-alone film. But so much pussy-only sex stands out like a sore thumb in a series that has been showing a lot of anal sex for most ladies in the past. Because pussy-only sex appeals to a different kind of porn audience than 3-hole-sex does. And a lot of 3-hole-sex porn fans who have been watching this series are bound to feel disappointed, when they watch this film. It's a big change in the sex-theme of the series that appeals to a different kind of porn audience.

This mostly-pussy film doesn't quite belong in the mostly-anal-sex series. Because it arbitrarily changes the sex-theme, without any warning for the viewers, who have come to expect certain kind of sex for the ladies.