110 Percent Natural 3

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110 Percent Natural 3
110 Percent Natural 3
Director:David Luger
Studio:Red Light District
Runtime:140 mins.
Series:110 Percent Natural
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Red Light District presents another round of the best natural breasts in the world! See gorgeous box cover girl Rita Faltayano get mouth, pussy, ass and tit-fucked. Four out of six ladies in this film bar no holes for their horny guys' poles. These ladies don't just tease. They are willing to please.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses

Big natural tits fly, when the pretty, front-cover lady takes on the anal guy. This guy is hard, this guy is fast, and this guy is full of anal lust between her sexy ass-cheeks. It's a wonder he doesn't cum inside her big, sexy bum.

The sex is pussy-only for the next two ladies in this film. Which is a bit of a disappointment, after you've seen the first pretty lady get it so good inside her sexy ass from her big horny guy. You can't help but compare the performance of the ladies, when they follow one after another in the film. And it doesn't look good when one pretty lady does everything with her guy, including have anal sex, while the other ladies apparently aren't quite as willing and able to please.

But if you get past this weakness in the film, then you will enjoy watching the performances of the next three sexy ladies with their horny guys. These ladies, just like the first lady, don't bar any holes for their horny guys' poles. And it's a pleasure to see their natural tits fly, when they take on the big anal guy.