110 Percent Natural 2

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110 Percent Natural 2
110 Percent Natural 2
Director:David Luger
Studio:Red Light District
Runtime:140 mins.
Series:110 Percent Natural
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Red Light District goes to Budapest, Hungary to find the best Natural Breasts in the world! See stunning boxcover girl Trixi in her very first scene. We've also got DP's, Ass-to-Mouth, Ass-to-Pussy fucking, & Cum Eating Galore.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses

The first scene in this film rip-roars at you with a 2 on 1, 3-hole-bang for the pretty young lady. The next two scenes also show sexy lasses get it good in their pussies and asses from their big horny guys. But this film runs out of steam in its 4th scene.

The lady is pretty, and her two guys are horny. But their sex is tame. One guy spends a lot of time in her mouth. The other guy sends a lot of time in her pussy. And neither one of these guys spends any time in her big sexy ass. Which is a bit of a disappointment, after you've seen the previous three ladies do everything with their horny guys, including have anal sex.

And the 5th scene ends this film with a whimper, as far as 3-hole-sex goes. Trixie, the front-cover beauty, has 1 on 1, pussy-only sex with a guy.

Perhaps this film would be more enjoyable to watch if you watch its scenes in reverse order. Because once you see the pretty lady have anal and DP sex with a couple of horny guys. Then your expectations are high for the next lady in the next scene. And it's a disappointment to see the next pretty lady do a lot less with her guys.