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Tiffany Mynx
Tiffany Mynx
Birthday:October 10, 1971
Birth location:Upland, CA
Height:5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight:107 lbs (49 kg)
Hair color:Brown/Blonde/Red
Skin color:White
Natural bust:Yes
Alias(es):Tiffany Minx, Angelica, Shannon
No. of films:409
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At her peak, it could be argued that Tiffany Mynx WAS her own genre. It could also be said that almost single handedly, she was responsible for building two major porn dynasties - neither of which she actually owns for enjoys any ongoing financial reward from. Blessed with a phenomenal body, even more remarkable considering she has a gaggle of offspring, the Mynx machine carried the industry on her back at one point, influencing the porn babe based video series theme concept. It's rare that a woman can perform so effortlessly yet never look like any of it was forced or half hearted. Perhaps only Bridget Kerkove could approach the sheer volume of her body of work, but only Tiffany had that instant recognition, and was imitated so widely as the model of fantasy girl that brought in the sales like water over Niagara Falls. She was fearless and performed every stunt, crossed racial boundaries long before it became fashionable. She knew how to play to the camera and gave the viewer all the right nuances to enhance the erotic vibe. All things being fair, there was no reason why she shouldn't have been able to became the mogul and build the dynasty that Belladonna enjoys.

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