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Peter North
Peter North
Birthdate:May 11, 1957
Astrological Sign:Taurus
Birth location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Birth name:Alden Brown
Penis size:8.5 inches (21.5 cm)
Height:5 feet, 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight:204 lbs (93 kg)
Shoe size:????
Alias(es):Al Brown, Matt Ramsey
No. of films: 1,972 as actor, 72 as director, per IAFD
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Peter North (also known as Al Brown, Matt Ramsey) is a Canadian pornographic actor, director and producer of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. He is one of the most famous male performers in pornography.


Born Alden Brown in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he moved to California, United States, in 1982. this after having played football in college, and several failed tryouts with teams in the CFL and NFl. Thousands of dollars in debt, Alden entered the porn business at age 24 to make extra money.


Peter first shot to fame with his memorable facials. He is most noted for his ability to produce very large amounts of semen, and for his powerful ejaculations. He has averaged 8-10 ejaculations per climax since the start of his career in the porn industry over two decades ago. Female co-stars like Jenna Jameson confirm his volume of ejaculation to be real, with no movie trickery involved.[1] Peter North has stated that his ejaculations have always been of a high volume and that he didn't know it was above the norm until he began his career in the porn industry. At the climax of sex scenes, North's ejaculations could last twenty seconds and upwards of a half minute.

North is circumcised, and is known for having an exceptionally large penis both in length and girth, as well as for consistently sporting remarkably turgid erections. Many porn starlets have attested to these facts, particularly Kaitlyn Ashley and Jewel De Nyle. The size of North's penis, reported to be 8.5 inches in length by 6 inches in girth, is amongst the largest of all current male porn stars, as claimed by female co-stars Kelly O'Dell, Harmony, and others. Hence, people in the industry refer to him as "The North Pole."

North has appeared in well over 1,000 pornographic movies, performing on camera with nearly every notable porn actress of the past twenty years. North also became involved in the government's 1986 investigation of Traci Lords' underage involvement in the industry in the mid-1980s. Lords was underage when she made most of her movies, including some sex scenes with North. The government eventually dropped the investigation. He has also directed more than 70 movies (notably, his North Pole and Anal Addicts series), and produced over 20 movies, including 15 in the North Pole series.

In 1994, Peter released a guide to meeting and dating beautiful women called Penetrating Insights. Its purpose is to help the reader meet more women and to get on the track to getting results. The book also includes tips on everything from grooming to personal health.

North is a member of both the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame.

Gay porn start

Early on in his career under the name Matt Ramsey, Peter made several gay porn movies in which he 'bottomed' for some of the largest male talent in the porn industry (including Rick Donovan). North has at times denied having done so, then admitted (but stated that an anal stunt double was used), and now simply refuses to discuss it. Jovan Diaz was known in the industry for his great blowjobs and had several memorable gay scenes with Joe McGrath in the 70's. They are both gay.

Filmography as Performer

Partial filmography (straight)

The Internet Movie Database and Internet Adult Film Database list North as a performer in over 1900 movies, some of which are compilations that include scenes filmed for previous releases.

Peter has appeared as a regular in many series and porn movies, including:

Gay Porn Movie credits (as Matt Ramsey)

Directed By

Filmography as Director

Trivia and quotes

  • Like many porn stars, his screen name is descriptive and something of a pun. "Peter" is a common slang term for a penis. "North" refers to his Canadian roots, as in the "Great White North".
  • "I did not have intercourse until I was eighteen, so I guess I would be considered a late bloomer. But I was always intrigued. I used to look at catalogues with the women's bra section." (
  • "Some women have the idea that facial cum shots are degrading. They don't realize that it's a natural part of many relationships. There's a big demand out there for facial cumshots, and I don't think that the guys who watch it use it as something to humiliate women." (
  • "My biggest gripe about the business is the women who complain about guys having dicks that are too big. You'd think that by being in the business they would always be wanting bigger cocks. I've never gotten that in my private life from any woman and I've been with some petite girls." (HEVG)
  • "Never have oral sex with a woman when her private parts smell like a dumpster." (Penetrating Insights, Morris Publishing, 1994)
  • "My nuts smell like cheese. That is why I've had success in the industry. Who doesn't like cheese?" (Living the Porn Life, Simon and Scheuster, 2005)

Online Reviews

“Peter North has been a pornstar for over 20 years now. Interestingly, that is longer than most of the chicks he shoots his famous loads all over have even been alive. Speaking of those famous loads, his most recently launched website is the best place to go to witness those huge jizz-filled money shots and the fucking that precedes them. It looks like Peter's site is adding fresh flicks on a daily basis these days, so there's always something new to see. While the site loses points for exclusivity, fans of Peter North and intense hardcore porn in general should definitely check this one out.” (Rabbits Reviews.)- Rabbit’s Reviews (86/100)

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