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Dick Rambone
Image:Dick Rambone.jpg
Birthdate:July 14, 1957
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Years Active:1985-1996
Height:5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight:180 lbs (82 kg)
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Dick Rambone (born July 14, 1957) is a pseudonym for an American porn star. He took his performing name from his slight physical resemblance to actor Sylvester Stallone, who played Rambo. He gained notoriety for his large penis, which is also exceptionally thick. His penis ranks amongst the largest in the history of the porn industry.

After an early appearance in Caught from Behind 4 (1985), he gained quick following as a possible successor to John Holmes, but he had difficulty maintaining an erection, sometimes blamed on his size. He would have only one sex scene in most of his 29 videos, and effectively retired from porn performances in 1987. Several videos were made with his name in the title, such as Rambone the Destroyer (1985), Rambone Does Hollywood (1986), and Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators (1986).


Dick Rambone Filmography

  • [[Let's Get it On]]
  • [[Wild Things 2]]
  • [[Caught from Behind 4]]
  • [[Rambone the Destroyer]]
  • [[Rambone Does Hollywood]]
  • [[Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators]]

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