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Dick Nasty
Image:Dick Nasty.jpg
Birthdate:May 26, 1956
Astrological Sign:Gemini
Birth location:London, England
Years Active:1990-2009
Height:6 feet, 0 inches (183 cm)
Weight:184 lbs (84 kg)
Alias(es):Kurt Lancing, Peter London, Collin West
No. of films: 1463 as performer
20 as director
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Dick Nasty is a famous UK porn actor who has performed in over 400 adult oriented movies. Dick's specialty is the sleazier end of the market, preferring bukkake and simulated humiliation and demeaning pornographic styles. Since the rise of internet porn, Dick has become a major player in the industry.

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10 Man Cum Slam 23

The star of the show, in fact he's the reason I ordered this movie the first place. I recently saw his performace in Cream Crack 2, and thought I "really" need to check out some of his other stuff. It's always easy to go first in a Cum Slam, but Dick is a real professional in this production, and in the second and third scenes he brings up the rear. Dick's shot with the first girl (there were 3 in total) was a little lacklustre I felt, and the actress (Brooklyn) was definately not into her performance. But there is no doubt Dick warmed up by the time the second girl (Kaycee) came on camera. She was voracious and very eager, and Dick really splattered her! The real gem of the movie for me was the end of the 3rd girls scene. This girl (Kiera) was NASSSTY with a capital N. She loved it, but the guys were sadly not up to it, each barely squeezing a drop onto her delicious tongue. That was until Dick came up for the final shot, and he didn't disappoint! First shot in her eye, the second in her mouth KABANG! Aweseome stuff. Definately check out more of Dick's stuff, and the final girl Kiara Marie. She will be a star!!

British Sluts 1

I could not wait to get this title home as it starred my man Dick Nasty who is a legend in the UK porn industry because of his genius and integrity. In this one he does three straight scenes and doesn't seem tired out at all but then what else would you expect from King Nasty? For example most men wouldn't be able to last five minutes with the delectable Karina Currie but Dick goes a whole 40 minutes. This was clearly an easy scene for Karnina - you can tell that she is in awe of Nasty's rugged good looks, gentleman personality and carefree sexual style. When he blows in her mouth and face at the end it is easy to view this as Nasty's own comment on his life - he has literally stopped ageing and jizzed in the face of an industry that tells people they are past their sell by date at age 30. I really think this is Dick's art and that every pop shot he does is symobolic of his own pain and struggle to stand out in such an industry. But even if I am wrong it goes without saying that this man is a genius. His final scene with Sarah (a real cutie) is solid Dick Nasty - ending in another great facial from the man who puts the "punk" into "spunk." I watched this DVD with a roomfull of friends and the girls all admitted that Nasty looks like the kind of father figure who would teach you a lot. The guys just cheered on his solid performance. Next week we are all going to be checking out Dick's film Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours Part 2. It sounds like it will have a bit more story than this one which is great cos I reckon Nasty - on evidence of his performance here - might be an underrated actor too. Is there no end to this man's talents?

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