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Smutr is a place for people to watch and share free porn. Amateur and professional porn content is submitted. Uploads require no accounts, if you want to share your porn, just use the upload form and you're done. (Illegal porn not allowed.)

User Experience

The website is very clean, you will only see 2-3 banners mostly and no popups, popunders or any other kind of disturbing ads.

Unlike most sites, Smutr allows all users to download the videos without any kind of registration.

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 14.000

Pictures: Over 4.000

Features: Video/gallery downloads, Clean site, Easy to navigate

Content Sources: User & industry generated, mainly amateur genres


(+) Free porn videos & photos

(+) Much user-generated content

(+) No popups and misleading/disturbing ads

(+) Everything is downloadable

(-) Not Full HD

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