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Dear Girlvid/Administrators/Bureauocrats, WikiPorno.Org seems to be the best of the porno wiki sites. I want to have a place to give links to and comments about FREE porn videos or photos (individual ones) that I think are noteworthy, e.g. "In this video, she has amazingly intense orgasms". I envision creating a page for my personal favorites, e.g. User:BabyGetReal/Favorites. I would then want to link it to Review Sites under a new heading, "Reviews/Favorites by WikiPorno Users". Does this seem like a good plan? I don't want to waste my time if the administrators don't want such an addition.

The best porn review site, in my opinion, is, where the reviews are by ordinary porn users. You will find my reviews there under BabyGetReal. However, that site does not allow any discussion of FREE porn. This is why I'm looking for a wiki where I can put my personal recommendations about FREE porn.

Interestingly, is not listed on Review Sites. I would like to add it, unless there is a reason it is not allowed.

Under Free Porn Videos, is not listed. I would be inclined to put it under Top Rated Links. Are users free to decide whether to put a link there vs. under All Links?

Thanks for your advice. You can contact me at one71seven at yahoo period com.

Just trying to access a photo of Sarah Caine form the iste, but don't appear to have the permissions to do so. Please advise. Thanks, Chas


Hi Gilrvid!
I have a partnership proposition. I'm building a wiki about sex and porn and i wanted to ask you if you want to participate.
We are a group of webmasters with knowledge of the european market. We are also counting with the support of some american webmasters. We like a lot your work in Wikiporno and we will be glad to explore if there is any way to buid a partnership.
Please send me an email at: georgiosbiris at gmail dot com
I will be happy to hear your suggestions and come up with a "win-win" model of collaboration.
Thank you --- Biris 08:46, 6 April 2009 (EDT)

Hi Girlvid,

I wanted to know how I might go about getting Sysops status, as I see a number of things I could help with including providing current missing pics as well as additional info when needed.

Please let me know what I can do/ who I can ask in order to help make that happen.


Art javier 03:02 24 January 2011 (PST)


Hi could you upload an image on my page,

the image you can use is located at :

you can use this image i own the copyrights to it.

thank u so much in advance.

Image Request

Hey there! Could you add an image to Taylor Vixen's new page? Especially this image:


Hi Girlvid, could you upload an image on my page:

I own the copyrights to this image, the image is located at:

Thank you very much!

Please add avatar to Magdalene St. Michaels page

Hi girlvid :-)

I'm Jen Doe, a very good friend of Magdalene St. Michaels, and I'm trying to update her page that another fan started for her - "Magdalene St. Michaels". I need to have an avatar uploaded for her - and it was given to me by Magdalene herself for this very purpose. Could you please add it to her page?

Thank you so very much :-)

Jen Doe

Please add an avatar to Ruby Day's page :-)

Hi girlvid

I'm Ruby Day and I'm updating my page -

I need an avatar uploaded to it. I have an image for this purpose. I own the copyrights to this image, the image is located at:

Thank you very much!

Ruby Day