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Rabbits Reviews

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Current Features on RabbitsReviews
Each of the paysites reviewed by RabbitsReviews gets a ranking out of 100 points, which are divided among nine criteria: content quality, design, navigation, updates, amount of content, price in relation to the content quality, whether they offer downloadable videos, unique content and the available Bonus sites or extra features.<ref>"Our Porn Review Criteria." [ Our Porn Review Criteria]</ref> Sites lose points for excessive advertising, premium pay links, pop-up advertising, poor customer service and digital rights management (DRM) protection.
Since the initial launch of RabbitsReviews, there have been many changes to the site and its offerings. They have expanded the number of porn categories, including gay subcategories, [[Bisexual]], Celebrity, Creampies, Live Cam, Mobile porn, Non nude, Pay Per View, [[Erotic spanking]] and Story porn.<ref name = "rabbitshome">"Rabbit's Porn Sites."[]</ref> Moreover, the site has gone through five site designs over the years<ref name = "wayback" /> - the latest of which has a Web 2.0 look and feel.<ref name = "rabbitshome" /> Keeping up with changes in both the porn industry and the Internet community have helped RabbitsReviews grow into a leader in its field, despite working in a competitive niche.
The Rabbit's Porn Blog now discusses all their niche content as well as publish exclusive photos and erotic stories in addition to the earlier offerings. The exclusive photos take the form of "fan signs" - photos taken with a model wearing a Rabbit's tank top or holding a sign that says RabbitsReviews. Some of these photos are accompanied by an interview with the model.

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