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Ron Jeremy
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Birthdate:March 12, 1950
Birth location:Bayside, Queens, U.S.
Birth name:Ronald Jeremy Hyatt
Penis size:9.75 in (24.8 cm) Circumcised
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Alias(es):"The Hedgehog"
No. of films: 1972 (266 as director)
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Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, usually called Ron Jeremy, is an American pornographic actor. Nicknamed "The Hedgehog", he was ranked by AVN at number one in their "100 Top Porn Stars of All Time" list. Jeremy has also appeared in non-pornographic films, with studios such as Troma Entertainment. He is widely known for his large, circumcised, penis.


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Interesting Facts

  • Jeremy had his nickname "The Hedgehog" bestowed upon him by Bill Margold after an incident on the set of Olympic Fever, shot in 1979. Jeremy had flown in from New York to shoot the movie, and had dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, expecting warm weather. During his motorcycle ride to the set, located near Lake Arrowhead in the California mountains, the weather had deteriorated to blizzard conditions, which chilled him to the point of hypothermia. Upon arriving at the set, Jeremy was immediately whisked away to warm up in a hot shower. When he had finished, his skin had taken on a pink hue from the temperature extremes, and the hairs on his body were standing on end. Margold's comment upon seeing Jeremy after the shower was, "You are a hedgehog, my friend. A walking, talking hedgehog." Contrary to popular belief, the nickname had nothing to do with Jeremy's (subsequent) weight gain, as he was quite physically fit at the time.


Ron Jeremy Filmography

As Director

As Performer

Film loops

  • Lusty Ladies #318 Craig's Double Dream
  • Lusty Ladies #328 Cookies Two-Way Treat
  • Lusty Ladies #358 Fuck Poker
  • Swedish Erotica #352 High Society
  • Swedish Erotica #365 Organ Recital
  • Swedish Erotica #393 Tina's Fantasy
  • Swedish Erotica #396 Pleased To Meet You
  • Swedish Erotica #424 Sex Star's Interview
  • Swedish Erotica #455 Milkmaid #2
  • Swedish Erotica #1124 Country Girls
  • Swedish Erotica #1133 Present for Little Oral Annie
  • Mainstream Films

    • Detroit Rock City
    • Finishing the Game
    • Ghostbusters
    • Killing Zoe
    • Orgazmo
    • Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
    • Spun
    • The Chase
    • The Boondock Saints

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