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Karen Summer
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Birthday:July 22, 1962
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Birth name:Dana Alper
Years Active:1981-1991
Hair color:Brunette
Alias(es):Karen Summers, Maria Johnson, Karen Sommers, Michelle Lee, Michel Lee, Michel Leigh, Rickie Lane, Karen Sommars
No. of films:157 (per IAFD)
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Former porn starlet Karen Summer appeared in, and occasionally starred in, 114 loops and movies between 1981, when she first stepped in front of the film cameras, and 1991, when she did her final three movies for Erotic Video Network.

Well-respected in her day, with a starring role in Confessions of Candy, a send-up of the character Carol Connors had earlier made famous, plus Hot Flashes, where Karen took part in six of that movie's 18 scenes that ranged from solos to orgies; Mouthful of Love and Sexbusters, where she appeared in five scenes for each; Looking for Love and Looking for Lust, in each of which she managed three hardcore scenes; and even Juliet Anderson's directorial debut, Educating Nina, which was Nina Hartley's very first movie. We could go on, but it should be clear that back in the day, Karen was a sex machine.

"I never could watch my own stuff," she said wistfully. "It's weird, but you see yourself from angles that you don't normally see yourself from. It's like, 'What? Is that me?' And you're with your man at the time, and he's like, 'Yup, that's you,' and you're like, 'Really? That's what it looks like? Okay.' Back then, we used to do premieres at theaters, and the first time I ever saw my pussy 40 feet wide on a screen, I was like, 'Oh my God!' and I had to run out of the room. You're just not ready for that. It's as funny as hell and scary at the same time."

In May 2014, Karen appeared at 'Sin & The City,' which is a kinksters and fetish weekend in Vegas, revealing her plans on possibly returning to the world of porn, after having been away from it for over two decades, having been married, then divorced and working in the healthcare field as a registered nurse.

After Karen left XXX in '91, she continued feature dancing at clubs, spending as much as 40 weeks a year on the club circuit, and she just got tired of it. After then finding work as a paralegal, around 2000, at the time of her divorce, she went back to school to acquire her degree in nursing, working in hospices before deciding to try to return to the XXX world. [1]


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